Tuesday, August 28, 2007

teeth sink into my skin
nails scrape down my back
dig into my flesh
sharp, searing, holy,
pain grips you
pain holds you,
emotional, spiritual,
mental, physical, pain
is a reminder
pain is a purifier,
pain transforms you,
the cusp of desire,
soul-devouring pain
brings you into yourself
as you float free
drawing you back
to mortality,
and transcendence
is gained,
bound, lashed
with fire,
seared into ecstasy,
to master it's grip
to drown in it
is to find the true beauty
of pleasure,
between frozen moments
of pain
music pounds in my
ears, blood pounds
in my veins, a rythm
is flowing without even knowing my
body moves, lost
in a storm of beats,
lyrical lightning,
soul moving power
in the force that
is moving my feet,
hate, love, anguish,
sorrow, joy, all at
once, flowing out
of me and into me
from a churning
sea, bodies moving,
writhing to the
ecstasy of sound,
the madness of
the world lost in
the moment, a
siren's call of
shared revels,
intense, languid,
frantic, peaceful,
the primal urge
reveals itself in
the crush of bodies
all moving as one,
yet separate,
disparate cogs in
the machine, unique,
decadent, lost in
themselves, tranquil
in chaos, islands in
a turbulent sea
buffeted in the
fury of the storm,
drenched in sweat,
moving, flowing, thriving,
finding themselves,
finding myself in
the turmoil, shared
solitude, passionate
Thunderclap awareness
Passion is lightning
Fire searing embrace
A touch sends
Shockwaves through
My tired form
Painful in its
Caress, as the
Tingling pain of
Life returning
To sleep numbed
Limbs, my muse
Takes form and
Guides me, tossing
Me about on
Storm-tossed waves
Lightning strike
Consuming, evolving,
Destroying and
Creating, rebuilding
Belief in happiness
The pain and joy
Mingle, entangled
As the arms of
Lovers, enmeshed in
Each other, lost in
Thunderous joy,
Lightning is passion
And the downpour
Caresses me and
I am content,
So I've never actually used this thing... though I've had it for a while... so here goes... bloggity blog blog blog... ;)

More to come in the future...